What is Hyperventilation Syndrome?

Hyperventilation Syndrome is a disorder in which the RATE of breathing becomes abnormally high. This differs from dysfunction breathing in which the PATTERN of breathing becomes abnormal - however both condition can and often do present simultaneously. This increase rate of breathing causes a drop in CO2 in the body which creates a number of adverse and quite serious symptoms.

How do I know if I have Hyperventilation Syndrome?

  • Bronchiectasis is normally diagnosed based by a respiratory physician after ruling out a variety of other medical causes for the presenting symptoms
  • Common signs and symptoms include
    • chest tightness
    • pins and needles
    • headaches
    • cold hand and feet
    • difficult to relax and wind down
    • shortness of breathe

How can Functional Lungs help my Hyperventilation Syndrome?

  • Often by the time hyperventilation syndrome is diagnosed the breathing rate and patterns perpetuating the disorder are often so ingrained into neural patterns that they are very difficult to break
  • At functional we provide a comprehensive assessment to uncover precipitating factors
  • Thorough assessment and re-training of breathing patterns
  • Exercise to re-accustom yourself to normal levels of CO2
  • Exercises to effectively slow and control breathing in a way that does not further exacerbate breathlessness and perpetuate the problem