What is breathing control?

Breathing and our nervous system are inherently linked. When we see a tiger, our breathing is automatically heightened in anticipation of the increased demand on our body to flea from this threat. When we are relaxed and about to fall asleep our breathing is slow and barely noticeable.

In modern society our body is in a heightened state more often that not, so much so, it can forget how to enter the relaxed state in which everything really starts to wind down.

This is known as dysfunctional breathing.

The good news is that by learning to control your breathing you can easily bring your body back into this relaxed, slowed state which is essential to facilitate rest, recovery and sleep.

At Functional Lungs we specialise in breathing control and use a combination of physiology and hands on physiotherapy to make relaxation easy and strengthen healthy breathing patterns to reduce recurrence of episodes of stress, anxiety and breathlessness.

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