Breathe Lab

Breathe Lab - where science meets breathing.

Our Breathe Lab classes are run by breathing physiotherapists with expert knowledge in the science and physiology of breathing.

In the 21st century more and more people are starting to understand the huge role breathing plays in concentration, stress management, anxiety and performance. Like most things in our body, our breathing is adaptive, it changes to meet our daily demands whether they be physical, environmental of psychological. When our breathing is over-stressed it can often get 'stuck' in an over activated state which significantly inhibits concentration, relaxation and recovery.

More and more professional athletes and corporate giants are turning to breathing training to ensure they optimise performance, control and recovery throughout their day.

If you would like to give our breathing training a go, pop into Breathe Lab today - our 3 classes are listed below.




Our 'Activate' class is our entry level breathing class. This class is all about giving you the tools and awareness to control your breathing. We slow things down and get into the nuts of bolts of breathing Do's and Don'ts. There is no pre-requisites for this class, just come along and breathe.


Our 'Mobilise' class is all about making sure that the big box around your lungs (your rib cage) is freely moving to enable optimal breathing. In this class we look at generating optimal length and mobility in the muscles and bones used when breathing to ensure your body is in the best alignment to breathe well. We recommend attending the "Activate" class before attending this class.


Our 'Engage' class is an expert level breathing class. This class is all about challenging you and your breathing. In this class we explore different breathing styles, patterns and positions to improve performance across the board. It is recommended that you complete the "Activate" class before trying this class.


We are super excited to announce our new Breathe Lab 'Kids'. Resilience is one of the most important things we can teach our kids. By learning to control their breathe kids and be empowered to be in control, remain focused and ready to take on the world. This class is recommended for kids 8-14 years.