What is Functional Lungs?

Here at Functional Lungs we treat breathing. We use a range of specialist physiotherapy techniques to:

    • Decrease shortness of breath
    • Improve performance
    • Increase lung function
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
Our Specialities
Breathing Training

We carefully assess, optimise and strengthen your breathing pattern.  Breathing training is a proven therapy for anxiety, performance, surgery, pain, neurological conditions, respiratory disorders and much more…

Airway Clearance

Otherwise known as ‘chest physiotherapy’ airway clearance involves effectively and efficiently removing added phlegm from the lungs to reduce the chance of lung infections.


Getting active may not be as easy as it sounds. Our job is to provide you with the correct skill set and enhanced environment to get you back to the things you love.


Whether your breathing is causing you stress, you want to increase your athletic performance or you have an underlying lung disease we can help you get the most from your lungs. Click here for a full list of conditions.

Our 3-D analysis

The body is an immensely complex structure. To better understand both normal and abnormal breathing we must analyse the interplay between our body (muscles and bones), breathing and movement.

1. How does your body affect breathing mechanics?

2. How does breathing patterns affect our your body?

3. How does the relationship between breathing and your body impact movement, rehabilitation and performance?